Marketing Your Home

stagingStaging, Staging, Staging.

Many buyers are unable to see beyond the physical boundaries of a home to see the potential future opportunities ready to be unveiled.   That is why Staging is so critical to a successful sale.

Whether it is merely simplifying and rearranging existing furniture, or bringing in a moving van to fill an empty house with temporary furniture, studies have shown dramatic differences in final prices and sales when properly staged.

Having an architectural designer on the team ensures the proper presentation of your property.




Real estate is a competitive market, and the industry is unique since competitors need to cooperate with one another to make sure of a positive transaction. MLS systems assist the progress of that cooperation.

MLS listings truly are a powerful influence on competition. They level the field in order for the smallest brokerage in the area to compete with the largest agency firms. Providing the buyers and sellers the opportunity to work with the professional of their choice, knowing they have accessibility to the largest pool of properties for sale available on the market.



Many homeowners don’t know what staging is or how valuable it is when selling a house. If you use a professional stager, be sure to express the importance of this preparation.


Professional Photos

Unfortunately, the majority of property or home photos are devastating. In fact, there are websites dedicated to displaying bad real estate images.  FYI: Make sure to declutter before taking pictures.  Utilizing a specialist photographer presents your home profitably.


Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours have grown to be one of several important marketing tools for promoting a property or home online: Here are a few benefits of using virtual tour to highlight your residence

More views. The typically online listing using a virtual tour receives significantly more views than listing without a virtual tour. (NAR survey 2009)

Permanent Open House. The virtual tour is like having a 24/7 Open House – without the presence of the realtor or home seller to present the property or home.


Open Houses

Any decision that needs making will provide its positive outcomes but also, its negative results, which is no different concerning open houses in real estate.  Eventually, if you are selling real estate and you are uncertain whether you wish to have open houses, you need to be mindful of the potential positives from utilizing an open house but in addition need to be aware of the possible negative results from an open house.  Talk to us. We will listen.



Years ago, there were only a few sites on the internet to list your property.  Today, the web has exponential growth.  Ask us how we utilize the internet in our marketing plan.



Times have changed over the past years; emailing and text messaging seems to have become the standard way of communicating in this era.  However, we still believe talking to a person over the phone or face to face is the preferred method for selling a home.

The main advantages of emailing and text messaging if for dealing with a long distance buyer or individuals concerned about someone trying to “sell “ them something.  However, the disadvantage is that some likely see this as very impersonal, resulting in very low returns on inquiries and follow-ups.

Disadvantages of emailing and text messaging, some might see it has very impersonal, very low returns on inquiries and just plain spam.



Printing into day’s market is almost gone, there are certain places where printing flyers, or postcards, or listing in magazines can be very effective.  Example:  a Real Estate sign in front of the property with an information box holding property information sheets.  These will have a tendency to go quickly as people are interested and take them.  The internet allows people to view pictures of the home and obtain more information even from their car.