West LA / Mar Vista

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West LA / Mar Vista —

Given that everything on the “Westside” of Los Angeles goes for premium prices, West LA and Mar Vista hold some of the less expensive “premium” pricing, comparatively, and buyers typically get more square footage for their dollar.

Good portions of these neighborhoods are also set aside for small to medium size apartment buildings, where rents are usually less than adjacent Santa Monica or Venice, making these areas excellent for income property consideration with so many thousands of people migrating to Los Angeles each year and rents continually on the rise.

The residential neighborhoods are typically mid-sized properties and, like Culver City, this is an area that has been vastly improving over the past decade or two, continuing to become more and more upscale.   Often people chose Mar Vista to be one step removed from the hustle and bustle of Venice, or to get a larger home for the same price just 5-10 minutes inland.



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School district boundaries may modify annually.  Don’t rely on maps, neighbors, etc. go straight to the source, the school district. When you are excited about a specific property, call that school district directly and verify the property is indeed a section of their territory. Ensure that the particular schools you desire are exclusive for that exact home. Don’t depend on a map, which might be outdated.

Links to school district websites and national education sites:

Brentwood Union School District  –  Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District

Welcome to GreatSchools  –  Support Their Educational Journeys

Dining and Shopping

Image ID: 28168370 (S) Copyright: <a Copyright: <a href='http://www.123rf.com/profile_arinahabich'>arinahabich / 123RF Stock Photo</a>Small entrepreneurial shops, fresh and enjoyable farmers markets, and many restaurants to tantalize your taste buds.  Foodies beware, so many mixtures of traditional dishes with non-conventional enhancements. Don’t forget to share your experiences with others on Pinterest, Facebook or other social media.  Restaurants in West Los Angeles  –   Certified Farmers’ Market  –  Not For Tourists


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Galleries, evenings at a recording studio, dance studios, theaters, creative kid’s theater projects, are the tip of the entertainment activities in West Los Angeles and Mar Vista.  Enjoy!
Nightlight in Mar Vista   –   Entertainment in West Los Angeles

Parks and Recreation

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Fitness centers, basketball / tennis courts, playgrounds, skate parks, parks, dog parks, senior activity centers, to name just a few activities.
Mar Vista Recreation Center   –   West Los Angeles Recreation Center   –   Various Recreation Centers