Pacific Palisades

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Pacific Palisades —

The Los Angeles community just north of the city of Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades is the “Beverly Hills” of the beach, offering a wide range of properties and some of the most spectacular estates and ocean views in the city of Los Angeles on streets meandering through the hills and canyons.

Known for its good public schools and ‘small town’ feel (always good for a romantic after dinner stroll in the Palisades Village), “The Palisades”, as it is known by locals, is popular for successful families wanting the winning combination of beaches, small-town vibe, and good community services while still within the city of Los Angeles.

And although the Palisades are slightly removed from the busy urban activities of neighboring communities, Santa Monica, and bustling Venice’s nightlife are just a few minutes down the hill.   The Palisades abuts Topanga State Park which makes for inspirational trekking and jaw-dropping views just minutes from your city home, one of the many amazing luxuries of living in Los Angeles.


Image ID: 30976291 (S) Copyright: <a href=''>wavebreakmediamicro / 123RF Stock Photo</a>School district boundaries may modify annually.  Don’t rely on maps, neighbors, etc. go straight to the source, the school district. When you are excited about a specific property, call that school district directly and verify the property is indeed a section of their territory. Ensure that the particular schools you desire are exclusive for that exact home. Don’t depend on a map, which might be outdated.

Links to school district websites and national education sites:

Los Angeles Unified School District – Pacific Palisades  –  Welcome to GreatSchools  –  Support Their Educational Journeys


Dining and Shopping

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Slightly hidden here and there are numerous diversified places to enhance your palate to build up the strength to visit the various stores for a bit of shopping.  Click on the link for locate this gems:  Pacific Palisades Gems


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Ask the locals of the hot spots from a romantic evening of dining, casual drinks with friends, to walking the area looking at the scenery.  Click here to view some options.  Pacific Palisades – Recommended Places

Parks and Recreation

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Aquatic centers, dog parks, skate parks, 5-pitch or T-Ball are just a few activities in the area.  More information – Pacific Palisades Recreation Center   –   Things To Do In Pacific Palisades With Kids