Greater Los Angeles


Greater Los Angeles —

Covers a vast area, spanning over 50 miles from end-to-end, of nearly 4 million residents and scores of unique communities across the region.   From Venice beaches to Hollywood lights to Pasadena foothills, and everywhere in-between, the firm handles properties in all areas of Los Angeles and Ventura counties, with a particular focus on the LA Westside communities.



Image ID: 38312233 (S) Copyright: <a href=''>wavebreakmediamicro / 123RF Stock Photo</a>School district boundaries may modify annually.  Don’t rely on maps, neighbors, etc. go straight to the source, the school district. When you are excited about a specific property, call that school district directly and verify the property is indeed a section of their territory. Ensure that the particular schools you desire are exclusive for that exact home. Don’t depend on a map, which might be outdated.

Links to school district websites and national education sites:

Los Angeles Unified School District  –  Welcome to GreatSchools  –  Support Their Educational Journeys

Dining and Shopping

Image ID: 38403302 (S) Copyright: <a href=''>shalamov / 123RF Stock Photo</a>The Greater Los Angeles region delivers cuisine for everyone’s taste buds. Take a quick peek at a few dining spots – Fine Dining – French, Japanese, Mediterranean, to name a few.

So many activities – Where to begin – shopping of course!  Choices, Choices – where do you start – let this link assist you in finding your favorite shops.  Shopping in the Greater Los Angeles area.


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Free – did you say free ways to explore the city?  Yes, click on the link and find the free listing of events in Los Angeles area.  Museums, Concerts, Date Ideas, Workouts, Yoga Classes, Attracts, and more.

One special place – California Science Center

Parks and Recreation

Image ID: 20274692 (S) Copyright: <a href=''>somkku9kanokwan / 123RF Stock Photo</a>Golf Courses, Trails, Parks, Sanctuaries, Sports Complex, Aquatic Centers, to name a few activities are available in the Greater Los Angeles.  Browse the link that provides an overabundance of ideas and locations.  County of Greater Los Angeles – Parks and Recreation