Brentwood/Santa Monica

Brentwood —

One of the quieter, affluent communities on the “Westside”, nestled between Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades, just slightly inland.   It has many lovely and large estates that are home to executives and celebrities who enjoy their privacy, peace and quiet (many quiet hilly streets).

Brentwood is particularly well known for outdoor athletes and enthusiasts who use San Vicente Blvd as a ‘jog to the beach’, and then find themselves at ‘the stairs’ in Santa Monica for some crazy leg exercises.   Although there is a small Brentwood village, and a stretch of restaurants on the east part of the neighborhood, for the most part Brentwood is residential with much of the evening and urban activity to be found next-door in adjacent Santa Monica or Venice.

Like the Palisades, Brentwood has some incredible jetliner views and amazing properties, and is great for upscale family living.

Santa Monica —

Like Culver City and Beverly Hills, its own incorporated city surrounded by Los Angeles, with its own police, fire and other city services (not to mention additional property taxes).  According to many, Santa Monica is one of the most environmentally friendly municipalities in the nation, and until the 90’s was also renowned for its very strict slow-growth and renter protection policies.

In the 90’s, the philosophy shifted, somewhat softening on the slow growth, which has led to a boom of development in downtown the past 20 years, particularly in the southern and coastal parts of the community.

It has beautiful beaches, bluffs and the infamous Santa Monica pier, plus many upscale properties and view homes in the hilly areas (especially north of Montana).   For the “Westside”, world-famous Santa Monica has terrific night-life and restaurants as well as a great farmer’s market and endless outdoor activities (hiking, biking, surfing, etc.)

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School district boundaries may modify annually.  Don’t rely on maps, neighbors, etc. go straight to the source, the school district. When you are excited about a specific property, call that school district directly and verify the property is indeed a section of their territory. Ensure that the particular schools you desire are exclusive for that exact home. Don’t depend on a map, which might be outdated.

Links to school district websites and national education sites:

Brentwood Union School District  –  Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District

Welcome to GreatSchools  –  Support Their Educational Journeys

Dining and Shopping

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Santa Monica and Brentwood is a shopping desired destination for shopping mainly because of the atmosphere and choices with the neighborhoods – to people-watch, see what’s new, to discover inspiration coming from the local style and the easy walking between shops and attractions.


Image ID: 48843344 (S) Copyright: <a href=''>picturist21 / 123RF Stock Photo</a>Brentwood and Santa Monica have a plethora of actives ranging from events, shopping, festivals, restaurants, concerts, movies, etc. Check out these websites:   Events in Brentwood   –   Events in Santa Monica


Parks and Recreation

Image ID: 33932444 (S) Copyright: idealphotographer / 123RF Stock PhotoAre you looking for an active lifestyle or a place to enjoy the beauty of nature?  Brentwood and Santa Monica provide parks, golfing, hiking trails, daily activities on beaches, something for everyone.

Everything Brentwood   –   Santa Monica Community & Cultural Services