Why Buy With Us?

At the moment, it is a Seller’s market, with many properties involved in multiple offer bidding wars, and to be a successful Buyer means patience and tremendous cleverness – it’s no longer enough to simply make the “highest” offer.

The firm’s partners are very experienced in adding those extra ‘intangible’ touches to a client’s offer to help ensure it moves to the top of the list of options for the Seller.  And, in Los Angeles, Buyers need to be ready to move quickly when the right property finally presents itself.



Being ready to strike means having all your ducks in a row in advance.   The firm is quite familiar with lending/banking practices as well as negotiating.   One of the most important parts of becoming the winning offer in a bidding war is to be fully prepared – including a bank pr-approval letter, evidence of the down payment thru bank statements, and even personal letters from the prospective Buyer to the Seller.


New Home Wish List

Escrow and Closing Costs

When assisting clients with a purchase, we always initially spend a couple hours to sit down and review the details of an “estimated closing costs” analysis.   Although many costs of sale are borne by the Seller, it is important for Buyers to recognize that there are also additional costs on the purchase of home beyond simply finding the down payment and getting the loan.     As a quick rule of thumb, excluding the costs of financing (bank points if applicable), Buyers can expect to spend an additional 4% to 7% of the total purchase price on various costs such as escrow and title fees, pro-rated property taxes, inspection reports, new insurance, etc.


Home Warranty

These days, we do not allow our clients to proceed with a transaction (buying or selling) unless a Home Warranty plan is part of the agreement.  It is a minimal price to pay to ensure there are no frustrations or disappointments during that move-in year, and for the Seller it is a cheap insurance policy against headaches.  Home Warranty policies provide for coverage of many unexpected repairs that can pop up at any property at any time (washer/dryer failure, A/C problem, garbage disposal, plumbing problems, etc).